Upcoming Events

12 Dec 2019 - IFST Sensory Science Group event: Noel, Narrative & Numbers, Sensory Dimensions, Cowlairs, Nottingham, NG5 9RA
Details:In a world that is full of information and data, how do we present our research findings in an engaging and interesting way? How do we hone our presentations to communicate the message that we need to get across? This SSG Lunchtime Forum will focus on data presentation. Our speakers will discuss how to use data to tell influential, evidence-based stories and show us novel ways of visualising and representing numbers and statistics. And because this event is close to Christmas there will be elements of festive fun! The SSG is delighted to welcome Sam Knowles, corporate storyteller and author of Narrative and Numbers to present at this event. Sam will be joined by Sensory and Consumer Research Consultant and SSG member, Lauren Rogers and Charlotte Austin, a psychologist and qualitative researcher who presents the AQR course, ‘Communicating your Story’. Noel, Narrative and Numbers is being hosted by Sensory Dimensions Ltd at its Nottingham site. Who should attend? All food professionals interested in the lunchtime forum including Sensory and Consumer Scientists; Product Development Technologists; Marketing Insights Professionals and Brand Managers. The Forum is not just for food professionals but is an excellent learning opportunity for students undertaking food courses in Universities and Colleges. For more information and booking, visit the event page.

27 Nov 2019 - IFST Food Safety Group: Collaborative Workshop on Allergens & Listeria, TBC - Hertfordshire/London
Details:This event brings together delegates in a collaborative and interactive learning workshop on Allergens and Listeria. The objective is to share and discuss issues, review resolution experiences, examine indicators that signpost threats and define plans for preventive risk management that delegates can take back and implement. Who should attend? All food professionals responsible for producing safe food: QA, food safety managers, technical managers, industry consultants, factory/warehouse/facility managers, enforcement officers etc. For more information and booking, visit the event page.

31 Oct 2019 - IFST Eastern Branch & UK:IE EHEDG Conference: 'Hygienic design in food processing environments', National Centre for Food Manufacturing, University of Lincoln, Holbeach

Join this Hygiene Conference that aims to raise awareness of:

  • The legal and global food safety standard requirements for hygienic design in food processing
  • The cost and food safety/quality benefits associated with hygienic design
  • IFST and EHEDG
  • To foster cross-fertilisation of ideas and approaches between the different disciplines and encourage best practice

The organisers have brought together a range of experts who will provide up to date information on new and best practice hygienic design for the production environment. The conference will give attendees an overview on the latest thinking on hygienic design and the important role it plays in the production of safe food.

Who should attend?

All food professionals responsible for producing safe food; retail and food industry Directors and Managers, Local Authority Environmental Health Officers, Factory Managers, Quality Assurance Managers, Microbiologists, Food Hygiene Specialists, Food Consultants, Quality and Hygiene Auditors, Hygiene Managers. The Conference is not just for food professionals but is an excellent learning opportunity for students undertaking food courses in Universities and Colleges.

Visit the website for the full programme and to register. Early bird rates are available until 30 August 2019.

Book Today - Early Bird valid until 30 August!

23 Oct 2019 - IFST Food Science & Nutrition Group: 'Flexitarian to vegan: nutritional impacts of lifestyle choices', SCI, 14/15 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8PS
Details:A significant lifestyle choice by today's consumers relates to the reduction of animal components in their diets. This is reflected in consuming less red meat, eating more vegetarian meals through to adopting a totally vegan diet with no animal derived components. Are there nutritional and health implications? What are the dynamics of this trend in our market today? How are the technical challenges being addressed? This will once again be an interactive event and bring together a panel of experts to explore various health, market and food formulation issues, relating to adopting these various lifestyles. For more information and booking, visit the event page.

Past Events

08 Sep 2019 - Campylobacter, Helicobacter and Related Microorganisms (CHRO 2019) (IFST event), Belfast, UK

25 Jun 2019 - IFST Food Science & Nutrition Group event: 'Sweeteners: The next level', Council Room, SCI, 16-17 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8PS
Details:Organised by IFST's Food Science and Nutrition Group Three years on from our initial debate on ‘what are sugars and their role in food and drinks’ we revisit this topic with a different focus. This event will debate the push/pull of interventions relating to sugar reduction in our diets, the government policies, industry response and consumer reaction. We will: •    summarise health objectives and government targets •    review the technologies to reduce sugars, both current and emerging. •    ascertain the consumer perspective. This will once again be an interactive event and bring together a panel of experts to explore various regulatory, health and food formulation issues, relating to sugars reduction in our diet. Full programme available online

18 Jun 2019 - IFST Lecture: 'Eat, snog or avoid? – What to do about food allergy' with the Young Scientist Competition Final, London Metropolitan University, GC1-08, Graduate Centre, 166-220 Holloway Road, London, N7 8DB
Details:Food allergy presents significant challenges for both consumers and those managing food businesses. Those at greatest risk are teenagers and young adults, many of whom have never experienced a major reaction before. New understanding about the prevention of allergies to particular foods, through early consumption and immunotherapy through supervised consumption, is changing the landscape. People are avoiding more different types of foods than ever, sometimes in tiny amounts, and food purchasing patterns are changing quickly, not least through online marketplaces, platforms, apps. etc. Those responsible for food allergen risk management do their best to meet consumer needs, through regulation and best practice. Consumers at risk, and all those involved in preparing and serving their food, can benefit from up to date information, industry guidance, resources and training Full programme available online

06 Jun 2019 - 'Delivering a positive food safety culture - a practical approach' - IFST Food Safety Group event, SCI, 14/15 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X

As part of national Food Safety Week, IFST's Food Safety Group will be organising a Food Safety Culture event at the SCI from 11:00 - 13:00.

A strong food safety culture will ensure that good practice is not only understood but more importantly being followed. Real food safety is what happens when managers and supervisors are not present, and individuals are left to their own devices.

This is a real challenge to every link of the international food supply chain. To illustrate the increasing recognition of the importance of food safety culture it has been included in the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Food Safety Issue 8. There is a new appreciation that understanding food safety cultural drivers is a useful addition to the food safety toolbox of training, audit, and testing and risk management.

Appreciation of effective management of behavioural interactions is essential to develop positive attitudes and the necessary behavioural changes to drive food safety. The session reviews current best practice and looks to the future. It also includes a workshop and aims to be interactive. Culture is increasingly cited in reports and papers related to food safety incidents and outbreaks and is also being identified as a significant emerging risk factor in food fraud.

The challenge for food businesses is to inoculate a food safety culture into their operations so that good practice is second nature and embraced from the boardroom to the shop floor. Only by understanding and changing food handler behaviour will we be able to embed food safety in an organisations culture and drive improvement.

Between them, Sterling Crew and Denis Treacy have over 60 years’ experience in the food supply chain and will share their practical experience on the challenges of delivering a positive food safety culture.

21 May 2019 - 'Asking the right questions: theory and practice' (IFST Food Law Group event), RAF Club, 128 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London, W1j 7PY
Details:Organised by IFST Food Law Group The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has been working for a few years on its ‘Regulating Our Future’ project, looking first at the processes for food business registration and subsequent checks by enforcement agencies and now reviewing the processes for enforcing food standards. This event will provide an update on both areas of work by the FSA, with an overview of the progress and benefits of the new registration process and a summary of the ongoing work on food standards. Full programme available online

04 Apr 2019 - IFST Spring Conference 2019 (SC19): 'Nutritional Science over Gut Feel' (IFST Event), Elgar Concert Hall, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston
Details:IFST’s 2019 Spring Conference (SC19) focusses on the subject of nutrition. In particular, we’ll be exploring the very latest scientific and technological research and innovation that is informing our thinking in tackling some of the biggest nutritional and health challenges including, of course, obesity. The translation of this understanding into food production is an exciting and critical area to be involved in right now. This conference is an opportunity to hear from some of those who are at the very forefront of this work.

03 Apr 2019 - IFST Pre-Conference Dinner Talk and Q & A (joint event of IFST), University of Birmingham

06 Feb 2019 - The latest developments in consumer and sensory science, Clock Room, The Crown Tavern, 43 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0EG
Details:We are delighted that Chris Findlay will join us to give a talk on the latest developments in consumer and sensory science. This will cover topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), analytical descriptive analysis, and efficient consumer testing.

Based in Canada, Chris is the founder and Chairman of Compusense, a world-leader in sensory and consumer science, providing sensory evaluation software and sensory services. He is on the IFT Board of Directors, and is a candidate for this year's IFT President-Elect position. Find out more about Chris' fantastic expertise and experience.

The ticket price for this event is £15, which will include a buffet-style dinner. Tickets are limited so we recommend early booking. Buy your ticket

If you have dietary requirements or any other questions, please email our committee's Marketing and Communications coordinator, Rhianna Jones at

12 Dec 2018 - Binsted Lecture: How to feed the missions to Mars, by Michele Perchonok , President of IFT and ex-NASA, Food and Drink Federation (FDF), 10 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2SL
Details:Join us for the 2018 Binsted Lecture, jointly organised by IFST and the IFT British Section. We are delighted to announce that the speaker will be Michele Perchonok, President of IFT and former manager of the NASA Human Research Programme at the NASA/Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas. Dr Perchonok previously worked as the Human Research Programme (HRP) Advanced Food Technology Project Manager, and the Shuttle Food System Manager. Dr Perchonok was responsible for space food product development, menu definition, nutritional requirements implementation, food processing, and food packaging development for long duration exploratory missions. She has published more than 25 journal articles, and 2 book chapters including Perchonok, M.H., and Douglas, GL. (2018) The Spaceflight Food System: A Case Study in Long Duration Preservation Reference Module in Food Science.

Dr Perchonok will be speaking on the topic 'How to feed the missions to Mars'; for example, how we go about feeding astronauts in space, and focusing particularly on the logistics of long missions like a potential 5-year mission to Mars.

Visit the IFST website to register for this event:

22 Nov 2018 - Food Evolution screening and round table discussion pre-Food Matters Live, London, UK
Details:We are excited to announce our breakfast event at Food Matters Live. RSVP at

We will be screening IFT-commissioned film Food Evolution, followed by a round table to discuss some of the critical issues highlighted by the film, in particular, among all the conflicts and confusions around food, how do we make the best decisions regarding the way we feed ourselves?

And what is the role of science, communication and education?

  • 8:00 am - event opens, with tea, coffee and a selection of breakfast items
  • 8:15 am - introduction
  • 8:20 am - film screening
  • 9:20 am - round table
  • 10:00 am - finish

FOOD EVOLUTION, by Academy Award®-nominated director Scott Hamilton Kennedy explores the controversy surrounding GMOs and food. Traveling from Hawaiian papaya groves, to banana farms in Uganda to the cornfields of Iowa, the film, narrated by esteemed science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson, wrestles with the emotions and the science driving one of the most heated arguments of our time. In the GMO debate, both pro and anti camps claim science is on their side. Who’s right? FOOD EVOLUTION shows how easily misinformation, confusion and fear can overwhelm objective analysis.

Enlisting experts such as Mark Lynas, Michael Pollan, Alison Van Eenennaam, Jeffrey Smith, Andrew Kimbrell, Vandana Shiva, Robert Fraley, Marion Nestle and Bill Nye, as well as farmers and scientists from around the world, this bold and necessary documentary separates the hype and emotion from the science and data to unravel the debate around food, and help audiences reach their own conclusions. In a debate in which all sides claim to be on the side of science, FOOD EVOLUTION brings a fresh perspective to one of the most critical issues facing global society today.

Find out more about the film and watch the trailer:

Round Table Organised by Bertrand Emond, Campden BRI, Chair of the IFT British Section
  • Chaired by Professor Colin Dennis, Past President of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and Chair of the Agri-Food Training Partnership (AFTP)
  • Helen Munday, Chief Scientific Officer, Food and Drink Federation
  • Professor Julian Cooper, Chair – Science Committee - Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST)
  • Anna West Waller,  PhD student at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA
  • Dr Sally Uren, Chief Executive, Forum for the Future

24 Oct 2018 - Food Authenticity and Traceability Breakfast Meeting (IFST event), Nottingham Trent University
Details:This event is organised by IFST's Midlands Branch and Nottingham Trent University. This event is for everyone in the food industry with an interest in the provenance of the ingredients that they are using and or responsible for labelling, new product development, technical specification, buying and operations. The food industry has a fragile reputation with our consumers, by attending this meeting you will learn how to protect your consumer relationship through ground-breaking science. For the programme and booking, please follow the IFST website

17 Oct 2018 - What is a 'pinch' of salt? (IFST event), SCI, 14-15 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8PS
Details:Following the successful debates on Sugar, Fat, Protein, Fibre and, most recently, Vitamins and Minerals, we move on to Sodium and the industry challenge of reducing this in our diets. Whilst sodium is acknowledged as an essential component in our metabolism, sodium salts have played a key role in the formulation of foods. Sodium chloride (common salt) is used for flavouring, preserving, curing and more; other sodium salts are used for various other functionalities, including raising in baked goods. This event will take a 360-look at sodium: its role in our metabolism, issues in foods and potential solutions. This will once again be an interactive event and bring together a panel of experts to explore various regulatory, health and food formulation issues, relating to salt in our diet. For the full programme and to register, please visit the website:

25 Sep 2018 - Not as free trade as you thought… (IFST event), RAF Club,128 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London
Details:With Brexit becoming imminent, more companies are showing an interest in the potential opportunities for free trade and expansion of markets outside of the EU. However, the legislative differences with these other markets must be considered before such trading can occur. This meeting has been arranged to identify the practical legislative issues that must be taken into account when a company is considering expanding trade to non-EU markets, from product formulation through to packaging and labelling. It is an opportunity to hear from the Department for International Trade, on the pros and cons of trading with countries based outside of the EU, and to receive pointers regarding the main aspects that companies should consider. Two further experts in this field will then focus on key markets of interest, the USA and certain parts of the Asia region. For the programme and booking, please visit the IFST website.

16 Jul 2018 - Join the British Section team in the Feeding Tomorrow Fun Run + Fitness, Chicago, and virtually

15 Jul 2018 - IFT’s Annual Event and Food Expo, Chicago, USA

03 Jul 2018 - Agrifood Training Partnership 2018 Conference (AFTP Event), London, UK
Details:Topic: Challenges for the agrifood industry in delivering the UK Industrial Strategy and Environment Plan This event will provide attendees with an insight into developments within their sector that align to the UK Industrial Strategy, and provide an opportunity for Q&A with industry and policy leaders and those driving innovation in agrifood.

14 Jun 2018 - Live Webcast- Flavors: What’s Trending Now and Why, Featuring Two Top Trends,
Details:This interactive discussion will cover what trends are, how they emerge, and highlight East African spices and herbs and botanicals.

  • List Price: $20.00
  • Member Price: Free or discounted, depending on membership level
Meeting Details : Flavor is the number one driver of all food purchases. So, it stands to reason that staying on top of the flavors that consumers desire is vital to success. But in an increasingly fast-paced environment flavor trends seem to be appearing and evolving just as quickly. What makes something a trend? Where does it come from? How do product developers apply these trends? As a follow-up from the popular Food Technology feature article, Top 10 Flavor Trends, this interactive discussion will cover what trends are, how they emerge, how to navigate the fast pace as new trends emerge, and specifically discuss the current food trend of East African spices and the beverage trend of herbs and botanicals. Join IFT and panelists from Campbell’s, WILD Flavors, Inc., and CCD Innovation, who will bring varying perspectives, share their experiences, and answer questions from attendees.

24 Apr 2018 - Vitamins & Minerals - Small But Mighty! (IFST event), SCI, Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8PS
Details:Vitamins and Minerals are vital components of our diet. Because they are well researched, the majority of health claims allowed in Europe relate to this group of micronutrients. This will, once again, be an interactive event bringing together a panel of experts to explore various regulatory, health and food formulation issues related to vitamins and minerals in our diet. The programme includes four exciting sessions: Session 1: Deficiencies in various population groups Session 2: Regulatory issues/claims and the consumer Session 3: To Fortify or not to Fortify? Session 4: Technical challenges of incorporating into foods WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Food Scientists, Nutritionists and Industry Professionals More details and how to book:

19 Apr 2018 - IFST Spring Conference 2018 - Managing Food Risk: Future Tools and Technologies, University of Birmingham
Details:A key issue for all food businesses is assessing and managing risk throughout all stages within the food supply chain – ensuring that consumers can be assured of consistently safe food. Spring Conference (SC18) will be therefore again focussing on showcasing the very latest tools and technologies being developed or adapted for the food sector, but particularly focussing on their applications for managing of risk. Explore with us how food risk management is changing through new science and technologies and in turn how we can expect roles in the sector to change to take advantage of these technologies. Conference Dinner – 18 April 2018 (the evening before the conference) will start with drinks reception from 19.00. After Dinner Speaker – Chris Barnatt, Futurist – ‘What Will The Food Industry Look Like in 2050?’ For full programme and to book your place please visit the website:

15 Mar 2018 - Linking Alzheimer’s Disease with Diabetes Conference - (AFTP), (CINN), (IFNH) and (ARUK), University of Reading
Details:A joint event between the AgriFood Training Partnership (AFTP), Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics (CINN), Institute for Food Nutrition and Health (IFNH) and Alzheimer’s Reseach UK (ARUK).   This evening conference will have contributions from those involved in setting nutritional policy on sugar intake (Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition - SACN), researchers who will explain the evidence behind the diseases, and representatives of the food industry who will discuss how they are responding to the demands of government and consumers for a reduced sugar diet through reformulation or using sugar alternatives. Visit the website for more information on the conference, speakers and registration:

05 Dec 2017 - Pret a Manger Tour and Talk, and pre-Christmas Dinner, Victoria, London
Details:We are delighted to invite you to our next section event, a tour and talk at the Pret a Manger corporate office in London. Thank you to Simon Allison, Head of Food Technical, for hosting us. Following the visit, there will be an informal pre-Christmas dinner at a restaurant in the Victoria area.

19 Oct 2017 - Food Regulations Post Brexit - Have Your Say (IFST Event), Norwich
Details:For anyone interested in understanding how the future may look after Brexit in the area of Food Regulations and to have your say on key topics in this area. Organised by IFST's Eastern Branch, this event will bring together five knowledgeable speakers on Novel Foods, Nutritional / Health Claims, Biocides Legislation, Food Hygiene and Food Information Standards / Labelling Regulations in a forum that will enable cross-examination of the issues raised and provide the opportunity to vote for your preferred outcome. Five speakers: one per topic each presenting 2 very different possible scenarios post-Brexit for the audience to vote on. View the full programme and booking information.

11 Oct 2017 - Fibre: The Rough With The Smooth (IFST Event), London
Details:Following the successful Sugar - Friend or Foe, Big Fat Debate and Protein Power we move on to fibre which only recently has been considered a nutrient but has long been known to have dietary benefits. This will once again be an interactive event and bring together a panel of experts to explore various regulatory, health and food formulation issues related to fibre in our diet.  It is easy to forget that the term ‘dietary fibre’ today applies to a somewhat heterogeneous assortment of indigestible carbohydrates, from many different sources, with varying characteristics, functionalities and physiological effects. This event will take up the following challenges:

  • Defining fibre
  • Regulatory issues/ claims
  • Dietary value of different forms of fibre
  • Formulating fibre into foods
Visit the website for more information and how to book.

05 Oct 2017 - Present Yourself and Present Your Business (IFST event), Peterborough
Details:The session will consist of an engaging presentation on the use of social media for food and drink businesses, followed by networking, and then a line-up of short presentations by consultants and local businesses on relevant issues/topics affecting the sector. The event is aimed at Eastern, Midlands and South East food and drink businesses, professionals and consultants. More information and booking  

28 Sep 2017 - U.S. Embassy screening of Food Evolution, London, U.S. Embassy, London

27 Sep 2017 - U.S. Embassy screening of Food Evolution, Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin

27 Sep 2017 - Reading it right on novel foods (IFST event), London
Details:On 1st January 2018, Regulation (EC) No. 258/97 on novel foods and novel food ingredients will cease to apply, and Regulation (EU) No. 2015/2283 on novel foods will take its place. What will this change mean for foods already on the European Union (EU) market and new foods intended for placing on the market? Find out more at

22 Sep 2017 - U.S. Embassy screening of Food Evolution, Edinburgh, The Roslin Institute, Edinburgh

18 Sep 2017 - Challenges In The Catering Industry: Translating Science Into Practical Solutions (IFST Event), London
Details:IFST Food Safety events are interactive sessions for IFST members who might not be able to commit to a full day conference but still need to have an understanding of a subject in their role. They feature expert advice on a hot topic in the food industry followed by a discussion to share knowledge and experiences. Speaker Dr Lisa Ackerley, is passionate to translate science into easily understood concepts, and wants to provide practical solutions to every day food safety challenges  - whether it is for the consumer of the food industry. If it is easy to understand, then there is some chance of behavioural change. Lisa will focus on the challenges, myths and legends relating to:

  • Allergens
  • Burgers and risky foods
  • Food waste
  • Disinfection residues and chlorine
  • Antibiotic resistance
Visit the website for more information and how to book

25 Jun 2017 - IFT17, Las Vegas
Details:The most creative minds in the science of food and technology will be waiting for you at IFT17. Share and be challenged by the latest research, innovative solutions and groundbreaking thinking. Take advantage of limitless opportunities to make new connections and expand your professional contacts. Immerse yourself into a community committed to driving innovation and global sustainability.

14 Jun 2017 - Protein Power (IFST event), London
Details:A debate on the role of protein in our everyday lives, how much do you really need and when, and which protein is best? IFST have convened a panel of experts to provide insights into the current thinking, science and food technology practise, followed by an opportunity to discuss the issues. Full programme and booking

22 May 2017 - It's not always just about the flavour! (IFST Sensory Science Group event), Nottingham
Details:A one-day interactive conference, which will take a fresh look at the Sensory Modalities: appearance, aroma, flavour, texture and aftertaste. More information

11 May 2017 - Food Club International Event, 5:30 -9pm, London
Details:An evening hosted by the Embassy of Denmark with presentations from HE Mr Claus Grube (Danish Ambassador to the UK) on Brexit and Linda Thomas (Independent Consultant) on probiotics. More information

03 May 2017 - Binsted Lecture - First UK Screening of Food Evolution, London
Details:The first UK screening of IFT-commissioned film, Food Evolution, directed by Academy Award-nominated director, Scott Hamilton Kennedy, and narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson. More information

01 Feb 2017 - Social Evening, London
Details:A social evening involving a delicious Italian meal and an update on section activities

22 Nov 2016 - Food Matters Live session with IFT Student Video Contest Winner, Ando AhnanI, London
Details:Amadeus 'Ando' Ahnan, winner of the 2016 IFT Student Video competition, presented his research on ‘Anti-oxidants from blueberries: have they the potential to impact colon cancer cells?’ at this session held jointly with IFST and Campden BRI

14 Sep 2016 - Science of Wine tasting event, London
Details:An evening of wine exploration with Geoff Taylor, Campden BRI’s wine and spirits expert