Building your international networks – Benefits of Volunteering for IFT

Colin Dennis Fellow and President of IFT 2015-2016, member of British Section Committee

Being a member and an active volunteer in IFT has given me so many rewarding experiences, enabled me to meet so many talented individuals and perhaps most importantly share and exchange knowledge and expand my personal network of professional colleagues and  friends.

One simple way to get more involved and realising the benefit of a strong personal network is to join one or more of the 24 IFT Divisions ( insert link to listing the 24 Divisions). This can be easily done online.

Divisions are free to join and provide a specific and relevant focus for you all, depending on your scientific interest/expertise and/or an interest in specific food categories or disciplines.

You will be joining an enthusiastic and engaged community of peers representing over 76 countries.

IFT’s Divisions provide an opportunity to collaborate and exchange interdisciplinary knowledge, promote science, technology and their application, explore new disciplines and build your network.

There is always the opportunity to participate to develop your leadership experiences as a volunteer or even initiate a new Division if you feel there is an important gap in the communities around the science of food.

As a starter why not join IFT’s International Division? Please look at others of interest to you – they are free to join! See